Manoj K Pandey & Associates

Indirect Taxation

Service tax

Service Tax is a central text, which has been imposed on certain services and is the latest addition to the genus of indirect taxes like customs and central excise duty. India, is a developing country, was somewhat slow in discovering the potential of the kind of indirect taxation for enhancement of revenue collection and it was the Finance act 1994 that first introduced the service tax provision for the chapter V. Services tax is collected by the central excise Department.

Some of our service include:

  • Compiling and calculate the net service tax on output services after taking benefit of Cenvat credits.
  • Compiling the data of Cenvat credit and service tax.
  • Preparing in filing service tax returns.
  • Advising on the issue relating to the service tax.
  • Consultancy on the maintenance of prescribed records.
  • Tax Planning as regards the minimizations of service tax liability.

Value added tax (VAT)

“Value added tax” (VAT) is a tax on which value addition and a multi-point tax, which is levied at every state of sale. It is collected at the stage of manufacture/resale and contemplates rebating of tax paid on inputs and purchases.

Some of our VAT Related Service include:

  • Rending assistant in registration under VAT
  • Assistant in claiming input tax credit
  • Assistant in Furnishing tax returns and claiming refunds
  • Advice on the legal aspects of VAT
  • Rending advice on the wide range of issues in relation of tax invoice and retails invoices
  • Internal audit and compliance reviews
  • Helping with audit of account necessary for registration dealer.